25 Nov 2015

Launch of the new Bristol Pledge and revamped RVoice website

Launch of the new Bristol Pledge and revamped RVoice website

With it’s grand entrance and marble busts, Mansion House in Clifton made a rather impressive venue for signing of the new Bristol Pledge - which Annette and I were lucky enough to attend last night.

The pledge is a promise made by Bristol City Council and the Children and Families Partnership to all children in care and care leavers. All adults who work for and with the council have a responsibility to make sure that all children in Bristol are safe, healthy and achieving their goals in life.

After we’d enjoyed some fancy canapés and a good natter with our fellow attendees, we took our seats in the main auditorium where the Lord Mayor Cllr Claire Campion Smith gave a cheerful speech, encouraging the young people from the Children in Care Council to ‘take them (the adults) to task’ should they fall short of any of the promises made in the pledge.

A group of young people from the CCiC then took to the stage and shared with us their thoughts and hopes for the future of life in care for Bristol’s youngsters. They introduced the new and improved website RVoice, which together with the design team at focus and Reconstruct, has been reinvented by the CCiC participation group.

George Ferguson was up next. Clad in his favourite red trousers, George spoke of the importance of the issues around care, before inviting the Lord Mayor, the City Director and the young people from CiCC to join him in reading and signing the new pledge.

The evening was brought to a close by the City Director Nicola Yates, who shared with us her own personal experience of life in the care system and reiterated the importance of the pledge and upholding its values.
The signed version of the Bristol Pledge will soon be available to download and print on the Rvoice website.

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