15 Dec 2016

Making Information, Advice and Guidance Sustainable

Making Information, Advice and Guidance Sustainable

The last few weeks have seen us talking to local authorities about our next generation of IAG web sites and apps, which amongst other major new features, include opportunities for local authorities to create revenue and make IAG provision more sustainable. The reaction and feedback has been extremely positive.

Publishing information, advice and guidance online is now the standard way to meet information duties and encourage people to ‘self serve’ - which has it’s own long term cost and resource benefit to local authority teams. On top of this, our solutions now provide the ability for IAG sites and Apps to generate revenue. We have a number of implementations currently supported including: 

 - paid-for enhanced listings within service directories and event calendars.

 - exclusive and extended web-based reporting for service providers.

 - subscription-based accounts providing access to content such as learning material and legislative guidance.

 - online shops offering useful tools for professionals working in healthcare and with families.

The flexible nature of our software allows a range of opportunities for revenue generation to be considered, and we work with all major payment provider services including SagePay, ePDQ, WorldPay and Stripe.

Following user feedback, administration of such systems have been kept to a minimum with subscription renewals, payment gateways and invoicing all automated as much as possible. There’s no point in providing sustainability if it then takes many hours to manage and administer the system.

The first of our sustainable IAG web sites is due to launch for two London-based local authorities in February 2017.

If you would like to book a consultation or demonstration about our sustainable IAG platforms then please contact Jenny on 0117 949 8008 or drop us an email!

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