04 Jan 2017

Digital Resolutions

Digital Resolutions

Digital Resolutions


The start of the New Year is the perfect time to tidy up the inbox, empty the trash folder and make sure that your digital presence is as smart as it possibly can be. To help you get started, here are our top 5 digital resolutions for 2017 (and none of them involve giving up chocolate!)

#1 With more hacks reported in 2016 than ever before - like the massive Yahoo breach reported in December - resolve to stop re-using the same password across different sites. Consider using a good password manager instead.

#2 Early in the year, Chrome will start to display security warnings on websites that are not secure – HTTP, not HTTPS. To secure your website you will need to install an SSL Certificate and ensure your visitors won’t be put off by disconcerting warnings.

#3 The Digital Marketplace is helping Local Authorities to procure innovative digital products and services more easily. With over £1.5bn of spend already achieved, the Digital Marketplace team have lots of plans for 2017 including making contract management easier and reducing procurement costs.

#4 Analytics are your friend. Use Google Analytics to monitor traffic coming to your site and gain important insight into user behaviour – what are visitors looking for? Are they ‘converting’? Use what you learn to modify and adapt your digital offering.

#5 Make sure your digital platform is as inclusive as possible. In 2016, significant numbers of people disabilties still felt excluded from using the Internet. By making websites more accessible, we are helping more people with disabilities to get online in 2017.  

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