08 Mar 2017

Announcing our Local Offer v2

Announcing our Local Offer v2

The first few months of 2017 has seen the focusgov team working hard on v2 of our digital solution for the Local Offer, which will be available from April 2017. 

v2 extends the publication of information and advice on the web and also includes a brand new, dedicated “Preparing for Adulthood” App for mobile smartphones and tablets.

I’ve selected three highlights from the new version to take a closer look at:

Self Help Pathways
Whilst pages of advice and guidance about specific topics are fine, they often leave users with a question of ‘what to do next’. 

Our new self-help pathways are designed to solve this. Information within the Local Offer can now be structured in a way so that users can easily find their desired ’next step' - whether that is to contact a local service provider, or a support group, or find an appropriate event or activity.

For example, after reading about ADHD, a parent can be directed to ADHD support groups in their area, or to local events for children with ADHD; all without further searching or effort on the parents part.

The potential for this new approach to assisting self-serve and reducing enquiries is vast.

Accessibility Coverage
We have extended the coverage of accessibility to include event venues as well as organisations and service providers. For web site users, this means more accurate and up to date information about disability and access information before they visit local events and activities with their children.

Additionally, all new Local Offer web sites now include a dedicated accessibility microsite, providing more control to the user over how content is presented and a wealth of hints and tips for making everyday web browsing more accessible. For local authorities, there is expanded technical details about the steps taken taken to make content more accessible.

Preparing for Adulthood App
Following the success of our Care Leavers App, we’ve now created an accessible Preparing for Adulthood App specifically designed to support young adults with SEND as they transition from being a child to being an adult.

Consisting of accessible guidance across a range of subjects such as living independently, health and wellbeing and employment, the App also includes searchable listings of local service providers and support groups. With content presented in Easyread format, and by making advice available on a 24/7 basis without the need for an internet connection, the App is set to be a valuable resource for young adults everywhere.


Building on our existing solution that is already being used by five local authorities to publish their Local Offer, v2 will be available from April 2017. Please contact Jenny Corfield at focusgov if you would like to know more or to arrange a demonstration.

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