07 Sep 2018

Real time messaging on the Care Leavers App

Real time messaging on the Care Leavers App

Real-time messaging is now available on the Care Leavers App. This new feature, much requested by local authorities across the UK, has the potential to fundamentally change the way that leaving care teams engage and communicate with care leavers.

Our messaging supports two kind of chats:

  • private one-to-ones between the leaving care team and an individual young person;
  • Group Chats to which more than one person can be invited.

We don't allow chats between young people only - ensuring leaving care teams are always fully in control.

Security and data protection both play a key part in the new feature. All user and messaging data is encrypted at all times and meets GDPR compliance and held in UK-based datacentres. Updated Terms and Privacy Policies ensure we have the appropriate consent prior to usage of the messaging system.

As well as 'chat', the messaging allows the transfer of files and documents:

  • such as images, which might mean care leavers can take a photo with their phone right now, and send that through to their personal adviser;
  • or leaving care teams could distribute important files such as Pathway Plans or minutes of review meetings, all through the App and directly to care leavers.

You can see a quick demo video of the messaging at an early stage of development below:



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