16 Mar 2020

Parents now able to book callbacks on new Sendiass website.

Parents now able to book callbacks on new Sendiass website.

Not only is Waltham Forest’s new Sendiass website helping them meet minimum national standards, it also allows families, parents and carers to book a call with a member of the Sendiass team, on a date and time that suits them.

The callback booking system, a key feature of the new website, has already been taking ‘live’ bookings from users since being launched in early March. Administration staff at Waltham Forest are able to activate and block time slots in line with availability, and both the Sendiass team and users get email notifications when their appointment is approaching.

An extension to the booking system means that training courses can be booked online.

The website itself features a ‘look and feel’ co-ordinated with other factsheets and guides provided by the service, and steps have been taken to enhance the accessibility of the site - helping it meet UK Government and W3C guidelines and recommendations. There is also a section specifically for Young People, managed by Assia, the Young People’s Forum Facilitator at Waltham Forest.

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