18 Jun 2020

Helping local authorities engage with vulnerable young people during the Covid-19 pandemic

Helping local authorities engage with vulnerable young people during the Covid-19 pandemic

In recent weeks we have seen interest in our Care Leavers App surge as local authorities see the benefits of using digital technology to stay in touch with isolated and vulnerable young people during the Covid-19 emergency.

Our customers have been able to update content on their App at a moments notice, often immediately following announcements from government and other public bodies regarding what you can, and can’t do, during the pandemic.

These digital systems also have the advantage of speed of development - one recent project saw us design, build and launch an App within a month of commission, providing a local authority with a means of publishing vital Coronavirus advice and guidance.

We were also approached by one local authority who were spending exhaustive hours and resource trying to contact their young people via phone calls - often going unanswered leading to worry and frustration. Within days they were up and running with our Secure Messaging service; a safe and secure way to check everyone is ok, exchange a hello and even send photos and documents. 

Push notifications have also been incredibly useful; helping to draw people’s attention to new and important content within the App.

And events may have been moved into the virtual world, but they can still be promoted on the App through the publication of Zoom URLs for online gatherings.

We think digital technologies will have long lasting impact beyond the pandemic, and will help us make society more resilient in the face of further threats that may surface. The next few weeks will see us start the pilot of one-to-one video messaging through the Care Leavers App - again safe, secure and entirely encrypted - a really exciting development.

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