05 Oct 2020

A new app for young people in Haringey: Skills for Life

A new app for young people in Haringey: Skills for Life

It has been a really busy summer for the focusgov team which has meant we haven’t had masses of time to talk about some of the projects that have recently launched.

One of these is the Skills for Life App, created for Haringey Council.

Skills for Life is packed with help and support for young people in Haringey, making guidance available to them on their personal devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Haringey are able to update App content at any time through a secure content management system and can send push notifications to App users, alerting to them new information.

Along with lots of advice on subjects such as avoiding debt, ensuring good mental health and wellbeing, preparing for employment and finding good housing, the App includes a series of specific FAQs that young people told us were a challenge to get answers for, including:

  • the differences between national insurance and income tax,
  • comparing high street and mobile banking,
  • how to make a complaint about their housing,
  • consumer rights,
  • how to find and register with a GP and dentist,
  • young people’s rights around police stop and search.

Haringey’s Skills for Life App is available to download from both the iSO App Store and Google Play. We would like to thank the project team at Haringey and the young people that took part for all their help and support in creating the App.

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