19 May 2016

The Care Leaver’s Covenant

The Care Leaver’s Covenant

The Children and Social Work Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech outlines new duties for Local Authorities as corporate parents and introduces the powerfully entitled ‘Care Leaver’s Covenant’.

In an article published by the Guardian Edward Timpson – the children and families minister writes “although many children in and leaving care achieve fantastic things, we know that too many get left behind. The children and social work bill enshrines in law for the first time the responsibilities we have as a country towards these children, who often have no one to speak out on their behalf.”

One of the aims of the new bill is to ensure that the state delivers on its collective responsibility to help children leaving care make a good start in adult life. By providing on-going support post-18, councils will help care leavers to maximise their opportunities and plan for their future as they move into adulthood.

For many years, Children in Care councils around the country have met regularly to take part in discussion and influence decisions around the service they receive. Local Authorities will now be expected to provide the same level of support to care leavers, publishing a ‘Local Offer’ tailored to them - setting out the services they can access and the standard of treatment they are entitled to.

The team at focusgov have worked closely with young people in care to co-produce digital tools that provide access to information and advice as well as a single point of contact. We hope that the children and social work bill will pave the way for more Local Authorities to develop an inclusive digital service that supports both young people in care and care leavers.

To find out more about co-produced online tools for children in care and care leavers, please contact the team at focusgov. We’re happy to help. 

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