16 Aug 2016

Tower Hamlets Council develop new Local Offer website

Tower Hamlets Council develop new Local Offer website

With the first project meeting complete, the team at focusgov are all set to hit the ground running with our latest project and client - Tower Hamlets Council. We are delighted to announce that focusgov will be working with the Tower Hamlets Family Information Service team over the summer to develop their new Local Offer website.

The TH project team have brought some great ideas to the table which, when combined with our innovative tech, will positively change the way that SEND information, advice and guidance is delivered to young people and families living in the borough.

The Tower Hamlets Local Offer will benefit from personalisation technology - allowing parent carers, young people and professionals to create a personalised portal of information and advice, all tailored to their needs. By proactively displaying relevant content every time a visitor logs in, the website increases user engagement in activities, events and with suitable organisation and services.

The Tower Hamlets Local Offer will launch in October - so stay tuned for more details. And if you’d like to find out more about the Local Offer Suite, or to discuss your next digital project then please do get in touch with the focusgov team

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