10 Feb 2022

Know Now App launched for care leavers in London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Know Now App launched for care leavers in London Borough of Tower Hamlets

In the first week of February we launched Know Now - a new app for young people leaving care across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Co-produced and co-designed with a young people’s consultation group, the App provides the Council with the ability to publish a digital version of their local offer with hundreds of pages of information across subjects such as Housing, Entitlements, Education, Employment and Getting Involved with Community. There is also a calendar of local events and activities and a directory of support organisations: both features designed to reduce the social isolation that a lot of care leavers told us is a challenge in their day-to-day lives.

Know Now also includes a Secure Messaging Service for young people to stay in touch with their PA’s - through private one-to-one chats or group conversations. And the Leaving Care Team can use Messaging to send important files such as pathway plans and meeting minutes - safely, securely and fully encrypted.

There is also a feed of London-based apprenticeship vacancies so that young people can find opportunities local to them. Currently over 250 vacancies are promoted through Know Now.

All government legislation around digital accessibility are complied with and the App includes the OpenDyslexic font that enhances the display and layout of text for users with dyslexia.

Know Now is the first stage of an ongoing project with the Council, with the next phase looking at implementing an embedded care outcomes tool that will give the Leaving Care Team at Tower Hamlets real-time access to outcomes data from young people using the App.

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