Tower Hamlets Local Offer

Tower Hamlets made the decision to move their Local Offer away from their corporate web team, and selected a bespoke solution from focusgov.

With the FIS team at Tower Hamlets having flexibility and choice over design, features and functionality, the new Local Offer was up and running within weeks and is now full of information, advice, services, events and other resources for families with SEND.

Tower Hamlets Local Offer

Searches within the site are based on data exports managed by the Tower Hamlets team in Tribal Synergy. Our Local Offer technology works with exports from all the major EY-MIS vendors so that data can be shared and not duplicated. The search technology itself ‘learns’ from user behaviour and automatically promotes popular content as well as supporting mis-spellings, search phrase suggestions and auto-completion.

Tower Hamlets' Local Offer also includes a ‘Was this useful’ feature so that people can score content based on how useful they feel it is - important feedback for local authorities who must continually review the quality of information they publish.

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