Hartlepool Now

Originally launched to help Hartlepool Borough Council meet new information duties from The Care Act, Hartlepool Now has since expanded significantly into a first line service that encourages citizens to self-serve, rather than turn to the council for assessment.

Hartlepool Now is available both as a web site and as an App for mobiles and tablets. On the web site, visitors can search for and browse care services, local events, support organisations and even find mobility equipment to help make their day to day lives easier. There is also a wealth of information and advice around topics such as Living at Home, Keeping Healthy and Money Matters, all fully manageable by the administration team at Hartlepool.

The Hartlepool Now web site also supports the publication of campaign specific micro-sites featuring their own dedicated information and advice, with sites already created for Dementia Friendly and Falls Prevention services.

Laptop showing Hartlepool Now home page

All of the same information is also available through the Hartlepool Now App, available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Searches, calendars and the equipment finder all continue to function on the App, even without an internet connection, which has made it an ideal tool for social and community teams working with people in their homes or in outreach centres and who may be looking for services and activities for people to engage with.

Hartlepool Now is a fundamental part of the adult social care service offered by Hartlepool Borough Council with potential to continue to help reduce intervention at all stages and make significant long-term impact at the council in terms of resources and future costs of care.

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