Secure Messaging FAQs

How can you provide this for free?
The service is offered on an "as is" basis, we are not offering any amendments to the service, or accepting any change requests. Support will be very limited and there is no service level agreement in place. It is intended to be something that can be deployed quickly to help in the current pandemic circumstances.

Can't I use WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook Messenger etc?
These are all good tools but in our experience they very rarely meet the data protection, information governance and security standards that local authorities, and other organisations, need to meet in order to engage with vulnerable people.

Can I have a different design?
Not at this stage. We can add your logo and up to two main branding colours, but no changes to the design or layout are available in this version.

Can I have a different URL / domain name?
Not at this stage. We will provide you with a URL which will be of the form "".

Can I change the registration fields?
Not for this version.

Can I change the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?
Yes, if you have your own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, we can include those as part of the user registration process.





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