Mobility Equipment Finder

The Mobility Equipment Finder helps people find products and equipment to make day to day life easier; encouraging them to live at home longer and creating benefits for both the individual and local authorities with care responsibilities.

Available as part of our integrated solution for Adult Social Care or as a standalone web site or mobile App, the Equipment Finder uses a ‘room based’ navigation based around a virtual home. This approach helps the user identify their own surrounding environment ‘on screen’ and guides them easily to products that may be of interest.

Laptop showing screen from the equipment finder

Products are not fulfilled through the Equipment Finder, instead users are pointed to external web sites where purchases can be made. However the administration system syncs automatically with these third party sites so that information - such as pricing and descriptions - are always up to date. Administrators can add as many products as appropriate and categorise them as seen fit.

The App-based version of the Equipment Finder even functions without an internet connection, making it ideal for consultation by community and social teams who may be working with people in their homes.

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