Web Sites and Toolkits for Children in Care

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Encouraging particpation and engagement - our work with children in local authority care has helped build confidence and 'real world' skills.

Designed by young people, for young people.

Design and create a bespoke digital toolkit that offers young people in care and care leavers a dedicated online platform for publishing information, whilst providing a unique opportunity for collaboration and encouraging young people to work together creatively and analytically.

The voice of children and young people.

Encourage user-generated content throughout the lifecycle of the project and beyond. Provide the facility for young people to upload images, write blog articles, submit feedback and voice opinions. Reduce administration by appointing young content creators or taking on care leavers in apprenticeships.

Meet the duties of the corporate parent.

Meet your duties to children in care and care leavers, as outlined by the Children and Social Work Bill. Ensure that the Children in Care Council is fully operational and that their agenda is made available online. Support young people who have left care by providing them with information and advice tailored to their needs.

A tried, tested and trusted solution.

Our digital toolkit is already being used by local authorities throughout the UK, helping thousands of young people in care and care leavers to find services, events, activities and resources. Our work helps reduce disengagement and builds confidence and 'real world' skills.

A new App specifically for Care Leavers.

Our Care Leavers App is specifically built for young people leaving care and setting up homes, starting work or building relationships. Local authorities benefit from publishing information and guidance through technology already used by care leavers in their day to day life.

Quality assurance with ISO9001:2008

All projects are governed by our ISO9001:2008 certified quality management systems. We have been supplying the public sector since 2004 and our products and services are available on the UK Government's Digital Marketplace.

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The new 'look and feel' of RVoice was created through a series of workshops and consultations with Bristol's Children in Care Council. Our designers used moodboards, scoring mechanisms and wireframes to gain an understanding of what was liked and disliked.

The group also recommended a new 'photo gallery' for the site, allowing young people to submit photographs for publication which has helped to increase engagement with the site.

The Children in Care Council continue to have a strong involvement in RVoice. They write blog articles and have also helped rewrite information that might be considered more 'corporate' (such as 'your rights') into content that is more 'young person friendly'.

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