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We help IAS teams all over the UK meet their duties to provide information, advice and support to children and young people with SEND and their families.

Build your own SENDIASS web site.

Customise and configure a solution that is right for your IAS service. Choose from a range of components including sections and pages of information and advice, directories of services, listings of events, blogs and news, resource libraries and much more.

Highlight the impartiality of your IAS service.

Presenting your IAS service through a standalone web site that is seperate to that of your local authority, and its branding, will encourage trust from parents and families who seek impartiality, independence and expert knowledge.

Information and advice, all day, every day.

Our IASS web sites and Apps provide parents and families with information and guidance on a 24/7 basis - at any time, day or night, to suit them and their circumstances. Our solutions help IASS engage with parents by harnessing technologies they already use in their day to day lives.

Making information accessible to all users.

We commit to making content as accessible as possible to the widest range of users. All our work is checked against web site accessibility guidelines from the UK Government and W3C WCAG and we also provide a dedicated accessibility microsite, full of help and tips for making web site browsing easier.

Digital tools to support IAS management.

We also provide tools to help run day-to-day services; such as directories for signposting to local and national sources of support and document management facilities for sharing policy and best practice. These tools can be particularly useful during consultations or by IAS services running telephone helplines.

Quality assurance with ISO9001:2008

All projects are governed by our ISO9001:2008 certified quality management systems. We have been supplying the public sector since 2004 and our products and services are available on the UK Government's Digital Marketplace.

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The SENDIASS web site for the London Borough of Camden is full of guidance presented in useful sections such as 'Support for Parents and Carers', 'Support for Young People' and 'Policies'.

A page of Frequently Asked Questions has been collated from members of the public and published alongside input and answers from the SENDIASS team.

Some pages on the web site are displayed in Easyread format; using images and pictures to convey information instead of paragraphs of text.

SENDIASS Camden is built using responsive technologies; meaning the design and structure of the web site is automatically rendered based on the device being used to view it - whether that is desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

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